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Making Change Possible

Founded in 2020, Helping Hands Dry Bottoms ( is making a positive impact thanks to the help of members and volunteers in the Cleveland community. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to our communities. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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Helping Hands Dry Bottoms is an organization that is designed to assist the elderly,

family members, and any caregiver parenting children.  

We provide individuals with critical items necessary for raising a healthy family.

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Helping Those Who Need Us Most


Empowering Others

Health and Well-Being of Children

In recent years we have seen increase the number of children that has been placed in the care of the elderly and others to be provided for until adulthood, but limited income, resources and guidance creates a level of difficulty that increases stress and and anxiety 

making it difficult to properly provide for a family. Helping Hands Dry Bottoms ( is dedicated to supporting families and strengthening communities. 

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Quality Time
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our vision

To create a healthier and stronger community by providing a resource center issuing educational information, health/hygiene and other critical items to assist the elderly and other community members

our mission

To eliminate anxiety and stress associated with the responsibility of parenting children especially infants and toddlers. Our elderly population are experiencing parenting again with the rise in drug related imprisonment, insanity, and death. Helping Hands Dry Bottoms will provide adult and infant diapers and wipes, health and hygiene, sanitizing products and more. This assistance will eliminate the causes of illness, disease, health concerns, anxiety and stress brought on by the uncertainty of supplies, leading to poor decisions that will affect the family. Eliminating these issues will create happier, healthier, families.

our values

  • eliminate anxiety

  • family bonding

  • strong communities

  • provide needed resources and

  • educational

  • demonstrate reliability 

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DONATE purchases quality baby and adult diaper and wipes, baby food and snacks, health and hygiene products, household cleaning products, personal protective equipment and much more. due to the rising cost of living and increase in demand, we are not always able to provide clients with these much-needed products and services. With additional funding and donations, we would be able to purchase a larger quantity of supplies to distribute to the community. Your contribution today can best help us achieve our goals and bring relief to loving families in need. Please donate today and thank you for your consideration.

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